The new United Methodist Church is emerging, and it will be a new-wineskin movement to receive and share God’s wine. The new UMC will take many forms, some customary and others innovative.

UMsConnected is a metaverse movement within the United Methodist Church, focused on offering encouragement, support, and spiritual formation in the Wesleyan tradition during these challenging times. Born in the heart of Bishop Ken Carter, it launched in the Florida and Western North Carolina Annual Conferences with Steve Harper and Kim Ingram serving as co-directors, along with a ministry team made up of lay and clergy leaders from the two Conferences.

UMsConnected has expanded beyond beyond the FL and WNC Conferences, and beyond United Methodism itself. It is available to anyone anywhere. To learn more, read the “Mission” icon.

One of the terms used to describe early Methodism was “the Connection.” It was a word that assured people they were not alone, that brought them together in formative fellowship, and moved them into a variety of ministries in the world. It is a concept for such a time as this. It is one means of “serving the present age” as Charles Wesley’s put it in his hymn, ‘A Charge to Keep.’

UMsConnected utilizes technology to help you experience life together in-person and online. It is a community designed for you if,

–your congregation has closed

–your congregation has disaffiliated from the United Methodist Church

–there is no United Methodist Church near you

–you feel “spiritually homeless” and are looking for a supportive faith community

–you are a young adult away from your original church home–in school, the military, a new job, etc., and you want to be part of a formative community

–you want to be part of online faith formation in the new United Methodist Church

As a metaverse movement UMsConnected expresses words like ‘location’ and ‘interaction’ in new and various ways. The movement will evolve, meeting needs using a learn-by-doing approach, but it has launched with these basic resources: a website, a group Facebook page, and a podcast. We also have live community gatherings and on-demand resources. For more information on each of these, click on the related icons.

UMsConnected is an open-access resource, but we have ways that you can belong and be directly involved. We do not have members; we have participants. To learn more, click on the “Community” icon. We hope you will join the journey.

If UMsConnected meets a need in your life, contact Dr. Steve Harper, at umsconnected@flumc.org to learn more, ask questions, share thoughts, etc.