Your Membership Options

As congregations disaffiliate, people who want to remain in the UMC wonder how to go about doing so. We offer guidance and options in the homepage icon item entitled, “What About My UMC Membership?” Check it out. Included in this guidance is the fact that some Annual Conferences are creating specific means for people toContinue reading “Your Membership Options”

Online “Epworth Group” Begins October 6th

On Thursday, October 6th, we launch a new online ministry, an “Epworth Group,” one that further enhances our mission to offer spiritual formation in the Wesleyan tradition. Please tell others about this. Early on, we heard from people that, in addition to our basic media offerings, they wanted us to add live, interactive experiences. WeContinue reading “Online “Epworth Group” Begins October 6th”

Connections: August 2022

There is a lot happening with UMsConnected, including some new things you will want to tell others about…and…put on your calendar. Read on! But first….if you have read the last two newsletters, you’ll see that “Wesley Windows” is not here this time. Why? Because we want our monthly newsletter to focus on…well…news–news about UMsConnected asContinue reading “Connections: August 2022”