Facebook Page

The “UMsConnected” group Facebook page is the daily thread that runs though the tapestry of our movement. It is the means for us to experience what John Wesley called “living faith.“

The page aims to encourage this in relation to three key dimensions of our Wesleyan heritage: Scripture, Tradition, and Gratitude.

With respect to Scripture, each Sunday will feature a meditation based on one of the Lectionary readings.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the “Living the Bible” series will promote Scriptural Christianity with brief notes in keeping with the formative intent of John Wesley’s Explanatory Notes on the Bible which he published from 1755-65.

With respect to tradition, on Tuesday and Thursday the “Living the Faith” series will post quotes that inspire us to put our faith into practice. This feature reflects the Wesleys’ intention to provide the early Methodists with wisdom from the Christian tradition that promites practical divinity

Saturdays will be a “sabbath time” to reflect on the week just past (as the Wesleys did) and to express our gratitude to God for the guidance and blessings we have received.The group Facebook page is also one place where you can listen to the weekly “UMsConnected” podcast.

The group Facebook page is also one place where you can listen to the weekly “UMsConnected” podcast. To learn more about the podcast, click on the “Podcast” icon.

Beyond these features, the Facebook page will include posts intended to provide additional benefits. “Wesley Windows” (2nd Monday afternoon each month) explores some aspect of the Wesleyan tradition with application for today. A weekly “Life Links” (Wednesday afternoons) keeps you updated on UMSConnected happenings, and points you to other useful ministries and resources.

Putting all this together, the “UMsConnected” group Facebook page is our resource for developing “practical divinity,” as Wesley put it, which for him was summarized in the phrase, “faith working by love.”