The early Methodists joined together to “watch over one another in love.” We have the same aim in UMsConected. We do this through social media, online ministries, and on-site groups. We are a diverse community made up of United Methodists, members of other churches, “nones and dones” who struggle with institutional Christianity, and any others who seek for a meaningful relationship with God.

Our resources are open access. You can make use of them however they are beneficial to you. But we also hope you will engage with the UMsConnected movement in ways that increase your participation and formation.

We do not have members in the formal sense of that word, but we have “belongers”–people who are on the journey together through specific and sustained involvement. Here are current and envisioned ways you can do that…

24/7 Connections

Our website, group Facebook page, and podcast episodes are available to you at any time. The informational icons at the top of the website homepage will tell you more about each of these aspects of our ministry.

You can also email us anytime at to make your involvement more personal and specific.

Live Resources

Beyond the three basic resouces mentioned above, we have live ministries which you can attend via Zoom….

(1) “Kindred”—a weekly Zoom group for young adults. It includes experiences of worship and prayer, spiritual formation, and sharing. The first meeting is on Monday, September 12th at 7:00 p.m. More information about this ministry and the Zoom link for weekly meetings is located in the “Kindred” icon on the home page.

(2) “Conversations”—a monthly Zoom meeting that features a guest with whom we visit in relation to a particular theme. The first meeting is Thursday, September 15th at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time, USA). More information about this ministry is available in the “Conversations” icon on the website homepage.

We also have two additional live Zoom ministries in the works. They will be offered soon….

“Epworth Group”–this is our online spiritual formation group, that reflects the spirit of the Methodist Class Meeting. Through it we will offer life-together experiences that help us mature in grace and minister in the world. Stay tuned for more information coming via our website and Facebook page.

“Living the Wesleyan Way”—this is a monthly group that combines the disciplines of common reading and holy conferencing. It will be guided byvDr. Paul Chilcote. Stay tuned for more information via the website and Facebook page.

Other live experiences (e g. webinars and retreats) are envisioned. Through the ones above, and emerging ones, we want UMsConnected to be a place where you can belong, experience community, learn, grow, and serve.

On-Demand Resources

Formation occurs in ways other than live gatherings. UMsConnected offers a variety of resources that you can use at any time individually, in small groups, or in a congregation.

Some of these resources are ones we recommend from other ministries. Others are resources we produce ourselves. The “Resources” icon on the website home page provides the current list of these materials.

In-Person Groups

Besides the online “Epworth Group” mentioned above, you can have a group where you live, either by starting a new group or by bringing an existing one into the network. If bringing UMsConnected closer to home is something you are interested in doing, read the “Epworth Group” icon to learn more.

Virtual community is one way God enables us to experience life together. UMsConnected is a metaverse movement that offers encouragement, support, guidance, and resources to any and all during this time of New Awakening, with all its challenges and opportunities.

If you have further questions about the “belonging” dimension of UMsConnected, contact Steve Harper at