Early Methodism offered regular gatherings where participants were kept abreast of the movement and guided in their spiritual formation. The “UMsConnected” podcast aims to provide the same two things.

You can listen to the weekly episodes here on the website, and on the UMsConnected Facebook page. It is also available on the Podbean, Spotify and other platforms.

Each week’s episode runs between 20 and 25 minutes, making it individually accessible “on the go” or useful in a group. Themed episodes will comprise a variety of subjects you can use to develop the topic in more detail.

If you have found UMsConnected after it has been going a while (we began in June 2022), we hope you will listen to the first round of podcast episodes. They were made to help launch the movement. They are the “Connected,” “Believing,” and “Living” episodes.

In addition to these initial episodes, all others are archived on the website, so you can listen to them anytime. They can also be used as programs for small groups.

If you are using them in a small group, here is a possible format for a one-hour meeting…

5 minutes: welcome and prayer
25 minutes: listen to podcast
25 minutes: discussion…
    –what “big idea” did you receive?
    –why was it important to get it?
    –how might you use it to enrich
           your life?
    –how might you use it to enrich
           the life of someone else?
5 minutes: closing prayer/dismissal

We plan our podcasts using suggestions from listeners. Let us know your ideas, themes you’d like us to address, etc. Email Dr. Steve Harper at umsconnected@flumc.org